Data Visualization Tableau

Tableau is a very powerful and easy to understand data visualization software. When it comes to data, tableau helps to get the key insights out of it by creating an appealing visualization in no time. Creating a visualization of the existing data from the business and doing descriptive analytics on top of it unfolds lot many hidden insights and help business and management to take quick and correct decisions.

Efficient Progress Needs Professional Training

To maintain the hardest qualification standards, our team is putting together the most experienced adept experts. Our training programs involve the best up-to-date novelties and the most recent actual cases. Keeping pace with the advanced modern technologies for giving you a peerless knowledge and only hands-on experience, we are particularly passionate about:

  • Key concepts and background methodology used by Tableau.
  • Handling a multi-dimensional array of data on the same page (including but not limited to spreadsheets, text files, databases, real CRM systems, OLAP cube techniques).
  • Practical skills for creating unique custom dashboards to put the accurate assessment for any target audience.
  • Online Tableau for sharing the actual results or visual findings even easier, by using the Internet browser with adjustable geo-maps to create any works of interactive visualization.

You will discover many ways to use this software for visual analysis in your work during discussions of various business cases and review of the best world practices. Moreover, passing Tableau server training, you will be able to carry out not only a full and detailed analytics but also the administration of the system, including the reconfiguration and maintenance of databases.

Tableau Desktop I: Fundamentals

Build a solid foundation in Tableau. This course is for anyone who works with data, regardless of technical or analytical backgrounds. You’ll learn how to navigate the product and examine core concepts and techniques in Tableau. Move from creating visualizations to combining them in interactive dashboards.

Tableau Desktop II: Intermediate

This course is designed to expand your skills and distinguish yourself as a Tableau power user. It’s structured for those who have a working experience with Tableau and want to take it to the next level. You should understand how to build basic worksheets and dashboards, but may scratch your head when working with more complex issues.

Desktop III: Advanced

Explore complex data visualization challenges and dig deeper into your data. You’ll learn advanced uses for calculations by applying them to real world scenarios. Get a better understanding of how to artfully prepare and organize your data and walk away having a better grasp of advanced building techniques for creating innovative analysis and dashboards.

Visual Analytics

Learn best practices for sharing information and insights with others. The Visual Analytics course helps you design visualizations that others can easily understand and use.

Server Administration

This course provides in-depth coverage of Tableau Server administration. The knowledge and skills acquired are best geared towards those who will be administering the Tableau Server installation, including managing content, users, and permissions.

Server Architecture

This course provides in-depth coverage of Tableau Server architecture and configuration. The knowledge and skills acquired are best geared toward those architecting and administering a large or complex deployment of Tableau Server, or a consultant who will be involved in many deployments of Tableau Server.

Web Authoring

Learn how to create views and dashboards in Tableau Online or Tableau Server. You’ll gain the skills needed to create, edit, and interact with worksheets that use previously-published data sources.


Tableau – Data Visualization

Tableau is the major component of today’s data science. To get the insights out of data and help in quick decisions. This is an added upskill in the skill list and will help you up the success ladder

Tableau – Descriptive Statistics

Higher Management is betting heavy on Tableau as a Descriptive analytics tool. The world is moving away from traditional BI tools to self service BI tools which is building a good place as far as business intelligence is concerned.

Project Driven approach

There will be no run through ppt and decks as we don’t believe in such methods of learning and spreading education. It would be hands on and classes would actually be workshops with more focus on the application part

Course Outcome

  • Understand the outlining features of Tableau
  • Strong foundation with more hold on basics
  • Data Visualization and Analysis with Tableau
  • In-depth knowledge of basic and advanced Tableau
  • Proper application as to where and where not to apply