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Since we opened our doors in 2011, Professional SAS Tutor has been helping students fulfill their potential. We do this through personalized instruction, working hand-in-hand with the student’s for the most efficient learning.

We are not a coaching center, we are professionals working in IT industries with top MNCs. Our experts know everything about Base SAS Advance SAS, Business Analytics Training and global certification. To gain deep knowledge of SAS / Business Analytics and to score in Global certification exam sign up for the trial classes that will guide you towards the best training in Delhi.

  • Our focus

    Our ultimate goal through SAS training is to make our students well equipped with the knowledge that they can utilize in any given scenarios once they land up with a good domain oriented industry. We not only aim at providing a theoretical book knowledge training but also follow a strict decorum of practical transition through intensive case studies. This will not only help our students gain confidence but also make them independent to apply analytically their learned skills in any given situation.

    The training imparted will also take into consideration on handling separately every individual’s concerns and doubts. Since, we mentioned we are not a coaching center, we believe in extensively taking care of every student’s requirements and their own adaptability towards learning. This is not a fixed-time module therefore, our purpose is to provide the best education in Delhi Gurgaon that is not bounded by time limitations and everyone can learn depending upon their learning capacities.

  • Methodology

    No training yields good results unless we attain such a level of satisfaction for each student that he/she is able to undertake SAS certification exams. We, at ‘PST Analytics’ prepare our students keeping in focus the Global certification exam that they have to take. Hence, a complete training material is provided for the exam preparation along with expected questions that are asked during the examination. Students can duly perform their mock tests, prepare hypothetical case studies, practical examples to be able to prepare their certifications for both Base and Advance training studies.

    Nothing is impossible and difficult to achieve if it is not understood under a correct guidance given by company professionals. Ours are certified and highly experienced SAS tutors who make any difficult task very simple to train and teach. Learning Statistical analysis system will not only be made fun and interesting but also enjoyable since it will provide opportunities to widen up your horizon of thinking and enhancing your analytic power.

  • SAS Online Training

    We understand that in our current daily lives we are involved in lot of other responsibilities and given our hectic work schedule it becomes tough to follow what we really desire to. Therefore, taking into account all such factors we have come up with an alternative of providing ‘ONLINE SAS TRAINING’ to our students who can be privileged to learn from their home without having to travel anymore. So learning becomes easy when you are saving time in traveling.
    In simple yet far-reaching ambition to reach out to each every student in India and abroad and in response to the lists of long awaited requests from students located in USA, UK, Australia, UAE, Canada, Saudi Arabia, India and many other countries, Statistical analysis system training at PST Analytics is now available online. We provide high quality and cost effective online training of Base and Advance levels, certification exam preparation sessions for the students worldwide with the best instructors, This is an attempt to create SAS awareness and provide guidance to other professionals to achieve their goals with the help of practical use in the business industries and by sharing the practical scenarios. We are stuffed with best instructors round the globe who are professionals working in IT industries with top MNCs having 5-20 years of Industry expertise and 2-10 years of teaching experience. So if you are deciding to learn the course and are looking for the best trainers who can provide online training, register with our website and get the best quality of training at the best rates with the best training professionals of the industry. So join with us and reignite the spark in your career

  • Why online?

    The best way to increase the quality of teaching is to increase the number of students taught by the best teachers. In today’s technological environment, it is important that we try our best to make maximum use of the online medium of education. Online education leverages the power of the best teachers, allowing them to teach many more students. Moreover, online education means that we also see the best at their best.The biggest reason why people should go for the SAS online training is that It is almost impossible for the best institutes to have their branches spread all across the world. It’s the online medium only through which one can take an advantage of the best source of learning. Online training simply bring the education right to your home, they provide you the flexibility, they provide you the convenience, they prove to be affordable compared to the training in the institutes, they have the access to the material 24/7.

    The students and Teaching professionals at PST Analytics came up with the idea of SAS online training keeping various benefits of online training medium in mind. The first and foremost reason behind the initiation of online classes is to benefit as many students as we could from each and every corner of the world. The other important objective was to save the valuable time of our students, as most of our students are working professionals, we do not want them to waste their time on roads and in traffic in order to reach us at our center.

    Though one can alone acquire information, but problem-solving skills are often better enhanced in a collaborative environment, with the idea of online SAS training we want to bring and allow students from different states and countries to work together on real time industrial projects beyond their individual capability and provides an Increased access to resources since learning materials can be shared.

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