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We are professionals working in IT industries with top MNCs & who have made impact on thousands of students globally. Here are three reasons why you should choose us.

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Professional SAS Tutor: Professional SAS Certification Online

Professional SAS Tutor is an online SAS training institute, which offers professional SAS courses to beginners, advanced programmers and experts, who want to improve their knowledge of SAS. We are one of the largest online enterprises dedicated towards offering the best SAS online training both in India and in the web space.

Our SAS courses welcome programmers from every part of the globe and offer in-depth studying programs for any level of difficulty. Our qualified tutors have all necessary skills and knowledge to teach you everything you need to know in order to work in SAS, from basics to the complicated and rewarding online analytics training

Our Benefits


Getting online SAS certification means that you can manage your working schedule without any changes. You only need a PC or laptop and a couple of hours to progress with your courses. Many professionals prefer online courses to local ones as they provide more freedom in planning your day. You can contact us anytime for a consultation, therefore, you won’t have to worry about missing out.


As it is expected, Advanced or Base SAS certification fee in India is much lower compared to the prices in the USA. However, it does not necessarily mean lower quality. We are devoting to helping new SAS experts emerge and do everything we can to make it happen. In addition, our SAS center often offers discounts on our modules, allowing you to save up and improve your skill set.


Our SAS certification is valid and legal not only in Delhi, but everywhere else. After you complete the program and pass the test, we give you a certificate that proves your expertise and competence, making you the expert that any employer would love to have. You can read about the experiences of our star pupils to see, how much our courses can help your career.

Student's Reviews PST Analytics

4.9 out of 5 star

“ Hi all,
PST is the best Institute for SAS training.It has the best teachers, best reading materials and proper guidance.
Although fee may be somewhat higher than other institutes but once you join, you will get to know the quality.
Tutor will try to let you grab the concept in any way. He will help you out to learn the concept.
Even if you have completed the course they will provide you guidance and will clear your doubts if any (although after studying there you will not have any doubt).
So, If you are finding any best place to learn SAS then PST is THE BEST institute. ”

“ The best institute for Sas training. PST provides the best study materials, guidance and brief approach to the problem. Anybody who is seriously looking forward to a career in analytics is strongly advised to visit the institute and see it for themselves.
Honestly the best sought after way of teaching students.
Thank you PST!!! ”

“ Best teachers, best infrastructure, best way of enhancing skills , best study material, best guidance and inheritance of best moral values in their students.
I have experienced the best of everything here. Professional sas tutors have made learning easy . Teachers stay in touch with you even when you get a job and are ready to help you out whenever you face difficulties in your work.
They complete the course on time as they know the importance of time. They keep on encouraging you and help you make a better career.
Never make fake promises of getting you placed in any company , instead help you to achieve job and success by constantly pushing you and encouraging you to work hard towards your goals.
Thumbs up from my side.
Keep the good work going !! ”

“ I am delighted that I have achieved my SAS certified base programmer credentials under the guidance of Professional SAS Tutors.

Lokesh sir very knowledgeable and always eager to help. He is very passionate about SAS and he will always do what he can to make things easier. He keep students involved and engaged during his classes, which means if you want to do well in the class, you need to learn every concept that he taught in his previous class.

He tells you what you need to know for the SAS exam, which is very helpful because there is often a lot of information available in the book and on internet. It's hard to determine what really matters, but he makes it clear. Over all a great teacher!.

Furthermore, the institute offers post-course support for all the learners.

Highly Recommended ”

“ Best place to learn SAS. Provide best training and best knowledge. Thanks to Lokesh sir for their support and help. He actually gives one to one attention to all the students. He made concepts easier and learning interesting for me. Explain everything in details with examples. Totally satisfied with the training. ”

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